Site Preparation


Site Preparation is all about “Doing It Great”!

When we show up onsite, we come prepared to get down and dirty with our unbeatable site preparation services for residential excavation clients. We pride ourselves on the way we meticulously scope out your project to get it done safer, faster, and more efficiently than our competitors. We have the skills and knowledge you need to have a successful outcome for you residential construction project at an affordable price.

The 2016 and 2017 construction seasons have been phenomenal with the high volume of residential excavating contractor projects requested in the Pacific Northwest. Take a look below at the excavation services we can help you with. We hope to add you to our long list of satisfied customers here at R.W. Excavation, LLC!


If you are only looking at price for excavating a foundation, we urge you to take other factors into consideration. What are you getting for the price you pay? We estimate all of our foundations to include:

  • Excavation of footings
  • Installation of footing drains and downspouts
  • Tie into existing storm system or install drywell
  • Importing wash rock for footing drains
  • Importing 5/8″ minus rock for slab-on-grade construction of garages, pole barns etc.
  • Back-filling footings
  • Back-filling and compacting crawl space
  • Set rough grade around foundation

We’ll make sure your construction activities at this stage are scheduled properly to minimize time loss. Site preparation services are the foundation of a successful project. We focus on getting the right excavation and site preparation subcontractors on your site during the excavation of the foundation to minimize machine downtime. We can save equipment costs for you if we are allowed to control the critical path during the infancy of your project. This is a key component to saving thousands of dollars and time during the construction of your project.


Excavation is more than just digging. Grading is an expense that every project must undertake. Whether you are building your dream home, building apartment complexes, putting up a commercial building, or building a football stadium, the use of quality grading contractors will be required at some point.

Grading is NOT just moving dirt until it looks good. Oftentimes, there are engineering reasons for the way your site is graded. We use elevations from a set of engineered drawings to determine what the elevation is before and after the project is complete.

Skilled grading excavation contractor services can be used to control the drainage of a site. For instance, if you are building a single-family residence, you will want to grade a slope away from the foundation at a minimum of 2% slope. This will reduce the risk of undermining the foundation many years down the line and will save you from incurring costly foundation repairs in the future.


Importing and Exporting Material has to be one of the most expensive aspects of a project. 10 cubic yards of structural fill can cost as much as $426 per load to import. Exporting can cost up to $800 per load, depending on the location of your project and the nearest pit. The expression “Dirt Cheap” is no longer applicable, as dirt is no longer cheap!

One way to minimize the amount of import or export is to take the time to get an accurate cut and fill survey of your project site. This can eliminate wasteful trips of importing and exporting. Spending a little extra money here can save you big money later.

We try to be creative when it comes to import or export because the cost can have a significant impact on a project. We look to other resources for “free” fill whenever possible and offer delivery of fill dirt to neighboring projects at a discounted price as a way to minimize the costs.

The more time there is to prepare for your project, the more likely we will be able to come up with beneficial alternative solutions.