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Whether you need to tear down an old structure, prepare a site for a new building, or excavate a property, you can trust RW Excavation, close to Seattle, WA, to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team specializes in house demolition, commercial demolition services, site preparation services, power utility installation, drainage services, and excavation services. We get to know your needs and provide the high-quality service required to complete your project, no matter how big or small.

Prepare Property for Construction

Before starting a new construction project, you must clear the property to ensure a fresh slate. Our excavation contractors and demolition contractors near Seattle, WA, will demolish any structures already present on the property and complete excavation services to level the ground and remove any debris or hazards. Once our team has completed site preparation services, you will have an area perfect for building your new structure, so your construction team can get to work.

A Full-Service Solution

Although we specialize in demolition and excavation services close to Seattle, WA, you can trust our team to offer all the necessary services to get ready for your construction project. In addition to our site preparation services, we offer power utility installation and drainage services to ensure a safe environment with a low risk for problems and property damage. Our fully bonded and insured company has built a positive reputation for getting quality results.

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