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Rob was a joy to work with. He stayed in touch through each step of the process to find a water leak in our main line and was there to replace the line when that became necessary. He not only replaced the line but improved its accessibility and made sure the line would be less likely to fail far into the future. He explained what had failed, how he was repairing it, and why he was doing it the way he was doing it. By the end of the job, we were confident he had given us the best possible solution that was very affordable and had left the affected area ready for relandscaping. We certainly appreciated his openness, integrity, and belief in doing things right. Thanks, Rob.
Rosemary S.

Can we give more than a “five star” review?! My husband and I moved into the area recently and soon after buying a new home, discovered that the gravel driveway quickly became a series of small “lakes” whenever it rained! This past winter, it did that a LOT! All winter we watched as the puddles grew in size and required us to use four wheel drive just to get out of the driveway! With the stress of moving and all, my husband and I were really concerned about how to remedy this situation – or IF it could be fixed at all! That is when we “found” Rob online and that began the process of renewed hope that we would “see dry land” once again! Ha! We had been getting nervous about finding someone prior to that, as the first two estimates that we got were $30,000 apart from one another! Rob gave us a very reasonable estimate and promised to begin work, “as soon as the waters receded!” There was obviously a lot of research and care that went into his approach to our project – insuring that any future ground water would be diverted away from our house and driveway. Rob and his “crew” began soon and kept us informed of their every move – leaving a tidy and orderly work site each night. Rob was easy to communicate with and made us feel confident that he definitely knew what he was doing! I cannot stress enough how pleased and satisfied my husband and I are with the results. The job was done on time, on budget and we simply could not have been happier! As an added note, I must confess that my husband is one of the most critical people I know. To our friends he is easy-going and laid back. But I know better! He usually examines things thoroughly until he finds something to critique! NOT THIS TIME! Weeks later, he still raves about the great job that was done by Rob and his crew and has not found one thing to be critical about! Kudos to Rob! We highly recommend this business to anyone!
Debbie S.

Excellent, excellent, excellent experience. Rob was always in contact with me and kept me well informed. If your looking for a cost effect, highly skilled, and easy to work with company…RW is the way to go. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks Rob!

Scott P.

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