Land excavation for construction services is an intensive process that requires a lot of proper planning to ensure a smooth, cost-efficient outcome. Each project holds its own unique requirements and challenges, making excavation construction a process that isn’t for the faint of heart. R.W. Excavation is proud to be the go-to excavation company in Allyn, delivering excavation and land clearing services with integrity, honor, and respect. As a smaller operation, we focus on delivering the best results to you on time, on budget, and in the safest way possible. As a comprehensive construction excavator, we have the tools and skills to complete everything your job needs to start off on the right foot. From the initial planning stage and land clearing services to foundation backfill and more, our pros are ready to help through every phase of construction.

Completing the job accurately and in order is paramount for success. Today, we’ll overview the basics of our process to ensure that your project is completed as seamlessly as possible. When done, be sure to contact our excavation company for a quote on your upcoming project!

Acquiring Permits

Obtaining the permits needed to begin construction typically falls on the contractor. However, experienced excavators know that it’s better to overly prepare over being caught without the right licensing. R.W. Excavation will do the research and put in the effort needed to make sure your project is squared away before breaking ground. Failing to do so can lead to legal issues, equating to costly fines that are avoidable. Working with an experienced excavation contractor can pay big before your project even starts!

Utility Planning

The ads you see that promote calling before you dig exist for a reason. Failing to work with a utility company to locate any underground hazards can prove to be a major safety hazard. Whether you need to break ground in a busy intersection or a vacant lot, it always pays to check before digging. This can prevent dangers to our crew, neighbors, and in some cases, the community at large.

Soil Inspections

We will also be sure to perform a proper analysis to determine the types of soil that are present and their reactionary characteristics. This is done to help prepare for the upcoming land excavation. It’s important to obtain an accurate picture of the materials you will be working with to plan for the correct machinery and equipment. If you have a soil that is mostly sand, for example, you’ll be best suited to utilize a steel drum roller. Using a sheepsfoot roller for this material will fail to yield the proper compaction, as the lugs will simply displace the sand. Determining how cohesive your soil is and how it reacts to moisture will help to make the rest of the project much more efficient.

Finding an excavation company in Allyn to help with your project may be a challenge, but we’re here to help! Next time, we’ll look more into the general process that ensures that every aspect of your job is done to plan. R.W. Excavation is here to help your project from start to finish. Our professionals have the experience and integrity to guarantee quality results that are as ethical as they are cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote on your project!