Curious about what all is included in your demolition service estimate from us?

Let’s take a deep dive into the list of items we at RW Excavation & Demolition take care of on your demolition project.

Our demolition services include:


  • Demolition permit application.
    • Our estimates include the cost of the demolition application and the administrative work behind it.
  • Site plan.
    • We draw and submit a demolition site plan according to municipality specifications.
  • Demolition permit fee.
    • We submit and pay for the demolition permit for your property.
  • ORCAA or PSCAA permit fee.
    • Certain counties require ‘clean air’ permits.
  • Pre-demo survey.
    • This will determine if an abatement is necessary.
  • Asbestos abatement.
    • We will help coordinate the process between you and the abatement company (an abatement is a separate cost).
  • Utility disconnect coordination.
    • Power, water, gas, sewer etc.
  • Dumpster coordination.
    • Dumpsters along with any other rental items are coordinated by us.
  • Disposal fees.
  • Erosion control as required by municipality specifications.
  • Stake capped utility for future use.
  • Permit final closeout.
    • We will request a final inspection with the municipality in order to finalize and close out the permit.

We take pride in being able to offer you a comprehensive demolition package to make the process as smooth as possible. Our administrative staff is here and available to answer any additional questions you have.

If you have a demolition project located within or around the following Washington cities, we’d love to help! We serve the following areas: Seattle, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Aberdeen, Seabeck, Bremerton and Port Orchard. View our full list of cities on Google Maps here.

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