Land Clearing

Quality Site Preparation Services For Mason County and Kitsap County

When it comes to property development for your jobsite, it’s important to find a land clearing company that has the tools and experience to offer fast, safe results. For many projects, the timeframe for when construction services can start relies heavily on the speed and skill of your local excavation company. R.W. Excavation is here to serve as your source for the best land clearing company from Tacoma to Allyn and everywhere in between. Our site prep contractors rely on years of experience, modern training techniques, and the best equipment possible to ensure a quality outcome for your property.

When it comes to finding an excavation company in Washington, you’ll surely find experts who claim to have the best system for excavation, demolition, and construction services. However, finding a company like R.W. Excavation that places a top focus on safety will ensure that your project is completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

Land Clearing Services

Every jobsite is different, requiring a construction company that is just as versatile to adapt to and supply quality land clearing results for each and every client. R.W. Excavation is proud to be your site preparation experts in Washington, delivering comprehensive services to ensure that your site is clean, clear, and ready for progress.

Clear Cutting

Also known as clear felling, this practice occurs when most or all of the trees in a select area are evenly cut down and removed, creating large open spaces for construction. One negative association with clear cutting is its ability to displace the top lift of soil, creating stability concerns when a grove of trees are simultaneously cut down. As such, it’s essential to find a land clearing company with the skills to create safe, uniform outcomes for new sites.

Clearing and Grubbing

This practice consists of the professional removal of shrubs, trees, roots, stumps, and rubbish from a job site, often after the trees in the area have been cut down to their stumps. Proper clearing techniques work to create a uniform landscape for future construction, with three steps helping to clear the way:

  • Clearing is the process of completely cutting out the vegetation in your work area.
  • Grubbing consists of digging up roots and stumps to further empty the land.
  • Scalping is the process of intently removing the remaining vegetation left on top, leaving your soil clean and ready to be built upon.

Stump Removal Services

Stump removals can be tricky, hosting unseen dangers and concerns that may only work to frustrate you. R.W. Excavation’s land clearing services place safety as a top priority, and all of our work is done with this priority in mind. Our site prep contractors will use the specialized equipment needed to remove stubborn stumps both safely and effectively. By focusing on the safest practices, our team is able to provide reliable results day-in and day-out.

Structure Removal

R.W. Excavation is also proud to serve as your demolition company in Morgan County, delivering commercial and residential demolition services to properly clear your land. Experience is king here, as our demolition contractors have the experience to efficiently clear your land while avoiding costly mistakes. The dangers of demolition for structures of any size are prevalent, requiring a trained team to take on the job.

Terrain Grading

All of that prime real estate may be wasted if you don’t level out your rough cut for construction. Even when your property is leveled for a structure, it’s important to check the slope to see how effective your soils are at mitigating water runoff. If left unremedied, runoff and subsequent erosion can create major structural concerns for your current or soon-to-be structure. Properly grading and sloping the terrain before construction will help in avoiding major drainage issues in the future. Our land excavation experts can help by delivering professional grades each and every time.

It’s important to note that our grading services range between site preparation and finishing projects. While grading is helpful for determining the slope and finishing the grade to place your structure, true site grading is done at the end of the project. This is done to smartly distribute leftover soils while ensuring that your property is perfectly up to code to begin construction. R.W. Excavation is here to help you every step of the way!

If you are in need of professional land clearing services in the Tacoma area, be sure to contact us for a quote today!