The process of land excavation may sound relatively simple at first glance. Digging soil out of the earth is something that a toddler can do at the beach, right? As amusing as this scene is, the task of excavation construction is no light matter. When you have a project to get done, it’s essential to find the right crew for all of your site preparation needs. Hiring an inexperienced team can prove to be both dangerous and costly. R.W. Excavation is proud to be a top excavation company in Allyn, providing Washington projects with the best services in the industry. Our experience and attention to detail in every task helps to set us apart from the competition. Today, we’ll look at a few benefits you can expect when hiring an experienced excavation company for your project.

Making Grade, Setting Drains

Part of site preparation includes matching the intended grade of the soil. It’s crucial to meet the grade specs because it will prepare the pad to be poured for concrete and will also ensure that adequate drainage occurs to effectively transport water away from the structure. When the grade and drains are not set properly, the consequences can quickly become very costly. From having to recompact muddy trenches to taking out the basement entirely, moisture can wreak havoc on any project. Hiring an experienced excavation company will help you breathe easy while also protecting your site from unnecessary damages.

Optimal Soil Conditions

The process of conditioning soil and placing it back into the ground for structural use must be done correctly to avoid costly and dangerous issues down the road. As an experienced excavation company, R.W. Excavation is well-versed in the importance of correctly treating a wide range of soils before compacting it in the trenches or beneath the slabs. If you compact soil that is too wet, you’ll end up with an unstable material that pumps and moves when placed under pressure. When you think about a 200-cubic-yard slab sitting on top of mud, it’s easy to see the value of doing it right! Placing fill that is too dry may seem fine in the stability department, as the soil will compact tightly. However, this dry material will expand when moisturized, swelling the material and causing that beautiful new slab to heave and crack. When you have a project that requires material testing by any municipal authority, it’s best to hire an experienced crew to take on the job!

Saving Time = Saving Money

The biggest benefit of hiring an experienced excavation company in Washington is the speed and efficiency at which the job is done. Regardless of the job size, everyone involved can benefit from land clearing services that are quick and accurate. Less mistakes are typically made, equating to less downtime due to repairs and fewer costs during the day. Our excavation team is here and ready to show why we’re the best in the PNW. Completing the job faster will save costs due to fewer wages paid for on site services, shorter equipment rental times, avoiding delay fees, and more. When you’re on a project that requires the best results, be sure to reach out to R.W. Excavation for help!

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced excavation company for your Allyn project. Our crew has the experience and worth ethic to get the job done right and on time. Safety is our number one priority, but integrity and honesty are also the cornerstones of our business. With 15 years of experience in the construction industry, we’re confident that we can deliver the results you need. Contact us today to get your project started!