When people think of an ideal construction project, they imagine a smooth process that entails few delays and no setbacks. While the process of framing and pouring structures is exciting, it’s actually the sitework that goes into preparing the site that can make or break the entire job.

As your site preparation experts, RW Excavation & Demolition is here to help! We are your go-to excavation company in Tacoma, Seattle and Western WA area, providing quality land clearing services and more to get your project done on time and under budget. From stump removal to power and gas installation services, our excavation construction company offers everything you need to get things done!

RW Excavation & Demolition provides comprehensive services in a reliable and honest manner so that you don’t have to place your trust in the other guys. Today, we’ll take a look at what sitework is and how it can mean the difference between a successful completion and a drawn-out struggle.

Sitework Aspects

Essentially, proper sitework involves all of the tasks needed to prepare a job site before actual construction can begin. When done correctly, this process can create the best starting point for structural services and help to protect the site from future issues. While every job is different, your land excavation crew should be able to provide the following services:

  • Clearing and grubbing. This first step consists of clearing out the debris and vegetation that resides in the work area. The goal here is to go through and clear out the soils in order to provide a stable, consistent product for future earthwork. Whether using bulldozers, scrapers, or a grader equipment, your excavation crew should diligently remove any and all blockages to ensure a safe site that is easy to gain access to. Typically, the depth of clearing and grubbing will depend on the depth of the foundation and any over-ex requirements to support the footings.
  • Subgrade stabilization. Before placing forms on your prepared area, it is essential to perform the proper backfill techniques to avoid future problems. By moisture-conditioning soil to reach an optimal consistency to compacting the earth in place for stability, there are a few factors to keep track of at this stage. Hiring a crew that can determine the correct moisture and compaction needs of the soil present can help to prevent foundational issues such as heaving, settling, or pumping.
  • Erosion control and shoring. Working to prevent collapses, erosion damage, and flooding are the goals of this essential process. If your pad is built up without proper shoring, the earth can give out and collapse. Without proper moisture control, a small rainstorm can create havoc on your job site. Not only will professional erosion control methods help the environment, it will also appease the many companies out there that work to ensure that all precautions are taken in case of weather or other unforeseen issues.
  • Land excavation. Being able to quickly and accurately excavate the site to meet certain depth requirements for future installments is a key part of the sitework process. Whether you are completing foundation excavation or simply matching the correct elevation, utilizing an experienced crew is essential here. The intensity and involvement of this action will depend on the soil composition as well, further requiring the need for experienced minds.
  • Water and drainage systems. Before full construction can begin, it is important to install the proper water lines and storm and sanitary sewer lines. Providing a source of water while creating a system for taking away rainfall is a smart process that should be done with no mistakes. Our excavation company focuses on quality at all times to give you results that are accurate, expedient, and cost-saving.

Performing the proper sitework before starting a construction project can be very beneficial for the rest of the process. From clearing and grubbing to grading and backfilling, every task needs to be done quickly and completely to fully prepare for the work ahead. If done poorly, the rest of the job can suffer. RW Excavation & Demolition specializes in site preparation services in order to give your Washington project all that is needed for success. Our excavation company, based in Allyn, is built on 16 years of experience and dedication to the craft. If you are needing a Top Rated Local® construction excavator, feel free to contact us today to learn more!