When it comes to your residential or commercial construction project, it’s important to hire contractors and subcontractors that place a premium focus on safety. The construction industry ranks as the most dangerous occupation in the country, topping the list for fatalities nationwide. In 2015, 937 worker deaths were reported. While grim, this statistic is often shaped by proper safety measures and training programs. Land excavation, for example, is very hazardous due to the intricate balance between man, machine, earth, and gravity. Numerous procedures and regulations are in place during trench excavation services, where one small mishap can have major consequences.

R.W. Excavation is proud to be your go-to excavation company in Allyn, proudly serving the Pacific Northwest with years of experience and a sterling safety record. We place safety as a top priority over all else, and the results have enabled us to provide better, more affordable services. Today, we’ll begin to look into the importance of safety throughout commercial and residential excavating processes.

The Risks of Excavation Construction

Any excavation services done will come with a higher risk when compared to normal construction activities. While the normal dangers exist, workers face numerous other factors, including:

  • Cave-Ins. Anytime excavations are done that require builders to entire the trench, the risk exists for cave-ins. While equipment is made to prevent this, the risk still exists in trenches of any depth. This danger is the most prevalent during utility trenching and foundation excavation.
  • Equipment Collisions. The number of machines on any site can vary from one blade machine for grading to more than two dozen scrapers, with each one weighing up to 150,000 pounds! Even smaller machines, such as remote-controlled compactors, can become a serious danger if operated near an open trench.
  • Falling Loads. Trench services involve the process of cutting native soils and replacing them later or putting in a new fill material. With so many machines working at once, the risk exists for workers in the trench becoming trapped beneath a load of materials. Safety measures and proper communication help to minimize this danger, but there is always the potential for injury throughout the process.

  • Falls. When trenches are not properly marked, the danger exists for falls. Unfortunately, this type of injury is often very preventable, as the measures needed far outweigh the risks. Providing proper barricades and highly visible warnings will help to drastically reduce the odds of a fall injury occurring on your project.
  • Hazardous Environments. Excavating down into the earth brings the inherent risk of stumbling across a hazardous substance, typically consisting of electrical or gas lines. When digging, workers may accidentally cause a leak, which can create havoc for the lungs or even start a fire. Water lines in conjunction with a live electrical line can also be very dangerous, which makes proper site planning essential.

Site preparations of all sizes can be risky, especially when trench excavations are involved. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by discussing the value of hiring an excavating company in Allyn with a quality safety program and steps that can be taken to minimize the dangers. R.W. Excavation is here to serve as your source for all land clearing services, completing our tasks quickly and safety. Contact us today to see what we can do for your project!